Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence process

Simplify your threat intelligence lifecycle in Secodify's cohesive and intuitive environment. Save time and gain strategic insights.


Post a link, upload a PDF, or let Secodify aggregate and prioritize open source intelligence sources.


Automate analysis and use embedded annotation tools to easily tag information to workspaces.


Easily connect to detection workflows and communicate priority intelligence requirements to stakeholders.


Get ongoing stakeholder feedback on priority intelligence requirements and gain strategic intelligence insights.

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Intelligence Collection

You can paste a link, upload a PDF, or Secodify aggregates and prioritizes open source intelligence. All reducing the time spent on collection efforts.

  • Automated open source intelligence collection.
  • Link submission.
  • PDF Upload.
  • Content prioritization.
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Secodify embeds annotation functionality, enabling threat intelligence analysts to select important content and connect to other organizational workflows or attribute to techniques, groups, and software.

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Threat Brief

Craft your message and deliver priority intelligence requirements to organizational stakeholders using the Threat Brief workflow.

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Strategic Insights

Gain strategic insights to threat intelligence and security operations through rich analytics.

Secodify helps provide measurable insights to technology spend justification, data source value, and operational maturity.

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